Pre-Buy a Kilo Voucher for Just £18!!

Hiya, we’re Shop Kilo – the UK’s favourite ‘buy by weight’ vintage kilo sale. Welcome to our online home! Our team of merry vintage experts were the first to ever bring Vintage Kilo Sales to the UK! We’re dead proud of our Vintage journey and want to thank you for joining us on your travels.

We sell vintage clothing in 3 ways. We sell it by the kilo at our pop up shops around the U.K. we sell our Kilo Limited collection here on our online shop. And we take all our unwanted items and customise them to create our Kilo Rework collections.

“Why buy by weight?” we hear you all scream! Well, it's a super cheap way to shop vintage, and the more you shop the more we can order and the more vintage we order the cheaper we can sell it!!

We hate the fact that vintage shopping is so cool that it now comes with a hefty price tag.  Vintage shopping should be for everyone, and you shouldn’t be priced out of buying that super stylish shirt just because someone has worn it before. So, let's pile it high and sell it cheap!

You can find us in 45 cities across the UK at one of our live events, check out our upcoming dates if you’re in need of a buzz that only IRL Kilo’s can bring!

Our values

We’re a principled bunch and hold our ethics close. Our brand commitments are just that – solid promises to work for the betterment of people and planet, not just fluffy words that look good on paper! Read more about our sustainability here.

Vintage is having such a good time that too many people want it, which is bloody brilliant of course, but many retailers have put their prices up to cash in – you’ll never catch us over-inflating our prices!

Sustainable fashion should ALWAYS be affordable for all, and at the Kilo it always will be. Our affordability means we’re a solid contender against fast fashion (boo!) – we’re just as cheap but without the poor quality, pollution and sketchy labour practices.

We also know that trends may come and go, but kindness never goes out of fashion. We’ve got big plans to partner with some wonderful charities and organisations in the coming months. Giving back is built into our business model and if you’ve got a cause that you think we should know about, let us know at


Representation in business is not a novelty but a necessity, and we know that it’s our differences which add value to the mix. We’re a female-led business with a female founder at our helm, and we believe that this should not be surprising. We won’t work with businesses who don’t have a proven commitment to diversity and representation across the board.

We believe in helping young people start brilliant careers, and we’ve worked with so many seriously talented individuals over the years, and we’re committed to reforming the stereotypical idea of working in the fashion industry – we emphasise the fun and not the fierce.

We’re a local brand with global ambition, and our West Yorkshire home informs our values.

Drop us a line 

We believe in trying our best but we’re always learning. From fresh ways to become more sustainable to how we can give back, we want to hear from you on how we can continue to improve. Our digital door is always open, so drop us a line at