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      Important Shizzle...

      Got a burning question about us? (You should probably see a doctor about that…) Cue our very important list of the shizzle you may be pondering as you browse and shop our site. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact us at hello@shopkilo.co.uk

      What is Shop Kilo?

      Hiya! Welcome to the online home of Shop Kilo, where you can browse (literally) TONS of sustainable fashion from the comfort of your sofa – it’s vintage shopping for the internet age! We sell everything by weight, at either £20, £25 or £30 per kilo. Think: just £13 for some vintage Levis, £10 for a 100% silk shirt, £5.50 for a vintage 70s dress… you get the picture! 

      Of course you’re familiar with our live events, yeah? As well as our online shop, we travel to 45 cities across the UK, spreading vintage joy from Plymouth to Inverness, and everywhere in between. Check out our upcoming dates and grab a ticket here! All stock at our live events comes in at just £15 per kilo. 

      How does the online shop work?

      Fire up your internet, and get your Kilo on! 

      Our online Kilo allows you to shop thousands of vintage pieces from the 60s – 00s as if you were right there at one of our live events (minus the elbows, mind). 

      For speed and ease, you can filter how you shop. With rails arranged by product type you can then filter by size, price, brands, trends, and gender. Everything is labelled with its price and cost per kilo, so you’re totally in the know. 

      You can check out as a guest, or create an account to save time on your next shop (you’ll definitely get addicted!). Even better, sign up to Club Kilo and enjoy some awesome perks… 

      What is Club Kilo?

      Earn yourself VIP status by joining Club Kilo – our £5 per month membership which gets you early access to all of our stock drops, 1 free shipping pass per month on orders over £30, and access to exclusive offers, discounts and flash sales! Join up today and your first month is FREE!


      Why do prices start at £20 per kilo?

      The vintage at our live events will always be at £15 per kilo! Our online prices (£20/£25/£30 per kilo) reflect the lowest we can sell items for while paying our staff a fair wage and covering all overheads that come with running our warehouse and sorting, sizing, photographing, tagging, hanging, picking, packing and shipping your items. Our prices will never be ‘inflated’, and we will always remain at a price point that lets us pay our staff fairly and keep selling the affordable sustainable fashion that we love!

      Why haven't I received a confirmation email?

      Please add hello@shopkilo.co.uk to your address book, and check in your junk folder as our emails may have filtered into there by mistake!

      Where are my items?

      We aren't quite as fast as Amazon (yet) but we are trying! Please be patient. We don’t offer next day delivery, and most orders are sent out within a few days of purchase. Do be mindful that during busy times we can process thousands of orders, and our small team of real vintage-loving people are picking and packing up all those orders and giving them a little sustainable nudge on their way. You’ll get an email from our shipping company once your order has left our warehouse, so keep an eye out for that. 

      How much is postage?

      Your shipping cost is calculated automatically based on the weight of your parcel. You can read more about our shipping company here. If you have any questions about your order or shipping, please get in touch with us before contacting your courier! 

      I'm a trader! How do I shop with you?

      Please email hello@shopkilo.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do! 

      Can I return an item?

      Of course we’re happy to offer you a return if your product is faulty, but please do keep in mind that every time we process a return, our costs go up. We want you to get into a flow of being mindful when you shop to minimise the need for returns. Could you stitch up that tiny tear? Could you use a good cleaner to get that mark out? Does your BFF love that jumper you don't want? If it's worth a few pounds could you sell it on or donate it? The possibilities are endless! The more returns we have to process, the more we may have to put our prices up. Help us keep our kilos super affordable! 

      However, we’ve been on the dating scene long enough to know that sometimes, something isn’t the right fit (even if it was your type on paper...). See more on our returns policy here, and drop us an email to discuss your return at hello@shopkilo.co.uk

      What can I expect to find on the rails?

      Blouses and sweatshirts and silk and denim, oh my! From ‘60s minis to ‘00s sweats, our rails span sixty years of style. Keep your eyes peeled for our branded rails too, with Adidas, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and Levis in the mix. 

      Can I shop by size?

      You bet you can! Make fruitless rummaging a thing of the past with our easy-to-use search filters. Not up to speed on measurements? See our handy size guide here.

      What can I get for a Kilogram?

      That may lie in the eye of the bag-holder, but a complete outfit for £20 (or less!) is definitely on the cards. Each product comes clearly labelled with its weight so you can see how close you are to a kilogram.

      Here on our online store, we categorise everything into either £20, £25, or £30 per kilo. 

      Of course you never have to buy a full kilo; items can be bought individually if you’re exercising restraint (good on you!) or just want to dip your toe.

      For a little visual inspiration, why not head to our Instagram to check out what our community has found at the Kilo?

      Why should I shop second hand?

      We believe that style is eternal and your clothes should be too. By shopping from the past, we can be kind to the future (whilst looking pretty fly in the process).

      Find out more about sustainability and our values here

      I’m your biggest fan! How do I get in touch?

      SERIOUSLY STOP IT, WE’RE BLUSHING! Ahem. For questions, queries or admissions of love, you can always contact us at hello@shopkilo.co.uk