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Want to know what makes us tick beyond raiding the rails? Allow us to get serious for a second...

Our Planet

We believe that style is eternal and that your clothes should be too. By shopping from the past, we can be kind to the future and help stop the impact of fast fashion on our planet. We are also committed to cutting out plastic through every step of our process. From potato starch bags to reducing our packaging, please bear with us as we get to work. We’ll of course keep you posted on our progress.

Call us soft but we’re dead romantic and believe that our wardrobes have a history too; that if our clothes could talk, they’d be holding court, regaling us with their stories (some probably not PG). Those stories must not end with you. Once you and an item are ready to part ways, remodel it, re-purpose it or simply pass it on and let the saga continue. Each year, 350,0000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill in the UK and so we all have a part to play. Look out for content on our social channels soon to show the best way to keep your pieces going.

Our People

We are a female-led business with a female founder at our helm and believe that this should not be surprising. We believe that representation in business is not novelty but need, and we believe it is our differences which add value to the mix.

We believe in helping young people start brilliant careers, working with so many talented individuals over the years. We believe in reforming working in the fashion industry too, emphasizing the fun and not the fierce.

We might sound little ‘League of Gentleman’ here, but we believe in never forgetting your roots. We’re a local brand with global ambition, and our West Yorkshire home informs our values.

We also know that trends may come and go, but kindness never goes out of fashion; over the years, we’ve been proud to support charities and causes close to the Kilo Team’s hearts, from the wonderful folk at AgeUK to school building projects in Sierra Leone. Giving back is built into our business model and if you’ve got a cause that you think we should know about, let us know in the section below.

Our Plans

We believe in trying our best but knowing that we are not the experts. From other ways to become more sustainable to how we can better give back, we want to hear from you on what we can do. Our digital door is always open.

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