Pre-Buy a Kilo Voucher for Just £18!!

We believe that style is eternal and that your clothes should be too. By shopping from the past, we can be kind to the future and help to reduce fast fashion’s impact on people and the planet. We don’t mess around when it comes to sustainability, and our promises are legit! No greenwashing here!

We make the most of what’s already out there, with over 150 billion garments produced each year we truly believe there’s enough out there for everyone! We believe style shouldn’t be at the expense of people and planet ; it’s so easy to buy fast fashion clothes and not think twice before chucking them away, but clothes are resource intensive and laborious items, with many people involved in producing them all over the world. We recognise and celebrate garments as pieces of art and works of craftsmanship, so we pride ourselves in making them last for as long as possible!

We’re committed to cutting out single-use plastic from every step of our process by 2022. Currently, we use

  • compostable potato starch carrier bags (but we suggest you bring your own)
  • Our warehouse packing materials are all either compostable, or recycled and reusable
  • We have a mostly paperless office and use friendly printer ink

We’re working hard behind the scenes to go beyond the obvious sustainability of our vintage products. We’ll always choose the most eco-friendly option, even if it costs us more. 

As well as environmental sustainability and waste reduction, we believe workers rights are intrinsically part of a sustainable company. Our event staff, drivers and office employees are all paid a living wage, we go beyond the minimum wage as we want to ensure everyone has enough to live on. By shopping at our events you support ethical labour and fair wages. In an industry that’s famous for human rights violations and where only an estimated 2% of garment workers are paid a living wage, we’re committed to turning things around. 

Each year, 350,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill in the UK. There’s so much amazing fashion already in existence – so let’s make use of what we’ve got and #shopsecondhand, eh?!

You’ve got endless choice and a wide range of garments at our events, look out on our social channels for ways to give new life to your secondhand Kilo bargains and keep that circular economy turning!

With pieces starting from as little as a pound, we’re not at a point where we’re able to lovingly launder and iron every item, so some may look a little creased. Call it characterful (and very easy to remedy). A quick spin in the washer and they’ll be as good as new. Creativity is key! Shopping at our events is like a treasure hunt and an open mind is necessary! You can tailor clothes to make them fit, alter them, embellish them, revamp them any way you wish to truly make them unique! 

We’re all about having fun with clothes, breaking away from the wasteful fast fashion model that produces mass amounts of low quality, trendy pieces. Our clothes are cheap, but not disposable. You can find a wide variety of better quality fashion for everybody! The best part? No one will look like you as what you find is likely to be a unique piece that stood the test of time!

Call us soft, but we’re dead romantic and believe that if our clothes could talk, they’d be holding court, regaling us with their stories. Our clothes have a history, and those stories must not end with you. If you’re ready to part ways with an item, first consider reworking or repurposing it, or pass it on and let its saga continue...

Shopping vintage is all these things!

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